Welcome to Vagina Politics

I am here to explore the Politics of Being a Woman.

What does that mean?

Being a woman is a fabulous gift for a number of reasons.  I mean, it is hard to argue that we are not the favored sex when we have something like the clitoris, the only organ designed solely for pleasure.  And the ability to have multiple orgasms.  I mean, to me it seems like someone was really looking out for us.

But being a woman is highly political.  We are constantly having to fight to keep our hard-earned rights while taking baby steps towards common sense (but completely necessary) things like equal pay for equal work.  I have realized the precariousness of these Politics most recently during the GOP Presidential primaries, close to 100 years after winning our right to vote (the 19th amendment was passed in 1920) and our right to choose (Roe Vs. Wade happened in 1973).  A heated debate is currently raging around birth control and abortion.  I am disappointed that instead of continually moving forward, the threat of taking several steps backward looms overhead.

My intention in creating Vagina Politics is to provide a space to learn more about the Politics of Being A Woman, especially as it relates to key issues like reproductive health, career opportunities, and relationships.  There are so many things to love about being a woman and this blog will aim at helping to overcome the things, like the GOP, that threaten to drag us down.